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ITBach is an organization that likes to deal personally with the requirements  and wishes of the client.

About Us

ITBach was officially started in 2011. The organisation started to specialize itself conducting research and testing as well as implementing IT projects according to the latest developments and innovations. In 2017, the organisation decided to be ready for the expansion to IT security.


Today, Information Technology cannot be ignored in our daily life and we can offer the following services


According to Wikipedia, a consultant is seen as an expert or professional with broad knowledge towards his field. After 15 years of experience in the field of Information, Communication and Technology, no security project is too small or too big.

Web Development

Nowadays organizations can always be reached on the internet. Setting up, securing and / or optimizing this process with the latest security developments is what we are good at.

Hardware & Software management

Management of hardware and software systems is becoming increasingly complex. Because we have actively participated in the transformation in the automation of individual systems to a whole system, we know best how to manage, analyze and adapt these systems with the best security measurements in place.


As hackers get smarter, the need to protect your digital assets and network devices is even greater. While receiving IT security services can be expensive, a breach costs an organisation much more in lost revenue, diminished name brand and lost trustworthiness. Major breaches can also endanger the overall health of a business. ITBach specializes in securing organisations on global IT security standards such as ISO / IEC 27001, 27002 and ANSI / ISA 62443.

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